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Dance Studio Price List

Utah Dance Photography

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Digital or Print - Posed Individual and Class Pictures

~Your studio can choose from print photos, digital download only, or a combination of both.

~Pictures can either be taken all in one day at the studio or before the production at the theater.

~It is best if all dancers are photographed.  That way parents always have the option of purchasing photos.

~ Parents can order either prints or digital photos from my website approximately two weeks after the photos are taken. That is usually how much time it takes me to edit them.  The digital photos will be immediately available for download.  The prints will be delivered to the studio approximately 2 weeks after the orders are received.

~Parents will be asked to pay a $30 plus tax deposit approximately one week before photos are taken.  This cost will then go toward the price of the prints or digitals.  

~For your help in getting the word out to the parents about the photos, the studio will receive a copy of all the photos to use for marketing purposes.

~There will be a time limit for the purchase of prints, but not on digitals.  They can be paid for and downloaded anytime in the future.

~There is no money exchanged between the studio and the parents.  Everything is done online.  I only ask you to hand out fliers to advertise the upcoming picture day and the deposit.

~Parents can choose what prints they want to order and the sizes.  Or if they choose digitals only.

~I can work with each individual studio on a case-by-case basis to change things up if needed.

Prices for prints

4x6 $5 plus tax

5x7 $15 plus tax

8x10 $20 plus tax

Digital Download

$15 plus tax

 Digital - Live Photos (taken during the performance)

$50.00 plus tax (Parent pay)

~Photos will be taken of each performance if you have multiple casts.

~You can either send out order forms in a performance packet in advance or during the performance, but it is best in advance.

~Once the performance is over, links to the photos will be sent via email to those who ordered.

~The studio will receive one copy of all of the photos if at least 10 parents buy the photos.


Digital - Live Pictures (taken during the performance)

$499.00 plus tax (If the studio chooses to pay for the performance photos)   

~These make great marketing photos.


$195 per hour plus tax


Got something else in mind? Contact me and let’s get creative!

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