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Photographer in Salt Lake City Utah

Jr High and High School Dance Head Shots and Performances

Dance Photographers Near Me in Utah

Utah Dance Photographer

I love photographing the arts, especially dance!

  I started with dance photography and that is where my heart still lies.

I would love to work with your Dance Companies, Ensembles, Ballroom Teams, or any other performing groups with their headshots, action shots, and group shots!  I have done shoots in multiple locations, outdoors, and indoors, and using black or white high-key backgrounds.  I love to get creative!

If the Dance Department pays for the photos, the cost is $495 for the session.

If parents are paying for the photos, the cost is $40 per dancer and includes digital copies of a headshot, action shot, and group shot.

I would also like to offer my services to your dance department for upcoming performances.  I am finding that parents and students both love having live performance photos.  I also find that there are many photographers who specialize in individual dancer photography.  However, there are not many that will come and photograph live performances.  


I will come to either a dress rehearsal or performance and photograph the entire performance, including group shots of each piece if desired.  I will then edit the photos and send a link via email to everyone who places an order.  They can then download the photos they wish.


There is no cost to the school.  Parents pay for the photos.  In fact, in appreciation for letting me photograph your dancers, I will give you digital copies of all edited performance photos and a photo release, and you can use the photos as you desire.  All I ask is that you pass out order forms in advance to the students.


The cost is $50 per order for all the photos.

If your dance department wishes to purchase all the photos the cost would be $495




Got something else in mind? Contact me and let’s get creative!

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