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Sunset on the Great Salt Lake | Utah Family Photographer | Cundick Family

When it's March in Utah it's hard to find a place for family photos that isn't brown! However, the Great Salt Lake is perfect this time of year for many different reasons. First, there is really no vegetation to go brown. Well, there is pampas grass, but it is already brown. Second, there are no bugs this time of year. They haven't hatched yet. This is a real plus. By the end of April, they can get pretty bad. And the sunsets are pretty darn beautiful. I have to admit, the sunsets at the Great Salt Lake are spectacular year-round.

Most people have never been to the Great Salt Lake and are quite surprised when they get there. That is exactly what happened when I arrived with the Cundick family. Unfortunately, with the drought, you have to walk quite a distance to the water, but once you get there it was worth the walk. It is usually very still and the reflections are beautiful. Because it is so shallow the water is pretty warm and if you are adventurous you can walk in the water.

The day we were there we weren't alone. Along with many people that just wanted to enjoy the lake there was quite a multitude of photographers with families, brides, and couples. I had one family from out of town comment that they felt out of the loop because they didn't have their own personal photographer with them.

I am so glad I got to spend the evening with this fun family and their awesome doggie, Maya. It was fun to introduce them to a place that I have come to love.

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