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Mountain Senior Photos | Silver Lake Utah | Salt Lake City Senior Photographer

I wish all Salt Lake City Seniors would take their Senior portraits in the summer and in the fall! There are so many advantages.

First, there are many more locations to choose from. In the spring there is still snow in the mountains and everything in the valley is brown until May. Second, seniors get incredibly busy at the end of the year. I have plenty of seniors that don't have time to get them done before graduation because they were too busy. Michael is one of them. Between water polo, testing, and everything else that goes along with the end of a senior year, he never got his senior portraits done and these were taken in June. His mom was sad that they never were able to be used on announcements, but at least grandma and grandpa can put them on their wall.

Finally, you can pick your time to have them taken and there is no rush. Spring is so popular for Senior photos that you can't always be picky with the time you can choose. If you start the summer and fall before your senior year you pick the exact time and place you want.

Now let's talk about this amazing senior photo session with Michael. First of all, he is such a fun kid to be around. He has an amazing wit. I adore his mom, Emily, and his sister Susannah who also have the same wit. I could spend forever laughing with them.

I am so glad he chose Silver Lake. It is beautiful and there are so many places for amazing photos. His grandfather helped build the Brighton Store so it was fun to take photos there.

So let's talk about the Speedo photo. He loved being on the Skyline water polo team and really wanted a shot in this suit. I love it when Seniors bring their interests into their photos shots. What we didn't anticipate, which we should have, were the mosquitos! There were millions of them. Bless his heart, we shot fast and furious so he could get his clothes back on as quickly as possible. But, I know for sure had bites where no one really wants bites.

Thanks, Mecham family for always including me in the important events in your life!

I'd LOVE to work with you and your Senior! Please contact me to book your Senior Session today! To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram or check out my Senior Page.

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