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It's Great to Be Eight | Salt Lake City Baptism Photographer | Utah Family Photographer

Ok, I have to admit I was not a happy camper when they announced they were going to be tearing up Temple Square. Not only do I love the Salt Lake Temple, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Temple Square. I know every square inch of it, every tree, where they plant the best flowers, and where the light hits at just the right time. My heart sinks every time I drive by this construction zone. I tell myself, "It's going to be fine, Lisa! I had to be done and it will be even more beautiful than before."

Through all this madness, I have luckily been able to still find the beauty that is Temple Square. At the end of General Conference last Sunday, they showed some extremely beautiful spring flowers around the Tabernacle. I knew it was a live shot because I could see the scaffolding on the Temple. I thought to myself, "I really need to find someone to do a photoshoot there!" No sooner did that thought cross my mind, I opened my email to find a message from a dear client asking me to do Baptism photos for her cute 8-year-old. Halleluja! God is good! The following is the beauty that still exists among the chaos!

I would LOVE to work with you and your child! Please contact me to book your Utah children's session today! To view more of my work, follow me on Instagram or check out my Children's page.

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