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Salt Lake City Family Photograper
Now we have decided to work together, let's decide where it's going to happen.  We are so lucky to live in an area with such stunning natural beauty within such a short distance.  You can be next to a beautiful natural waterfall in the same time it takes to be in a hip urban environment.  I spend a lot of time scouting locations looking for just the right spot for your perfect photos.  I take into consideration the light, the accessibility, fees, the popularity, and of course the beauty or uniqueness.  Some of my locations are well known and some are not.  Below are a list of my current favorite locations.  Check back frequently because I am always adding to the list.
Also, keep in mind that if you want something completely different I am always willing to travel to your favorite location!
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    Big Cottonwood

    Salt Lake Canyon, Mountains, River, Bridges, Pathways, Aspens, Pines, Grasses

  • IMG_5351.jpg

     Big Cottonwood Picnic

    Salt Lake Canyon, Mountains, River, Rocks, Bridges, Pathways, Aspens, Pines

  • IMG_1478.JPG

    Conservation Park

    Salt Lake County, Beautiful Gardens, Rocks, Bridges, Pathways, Trees

  • IMG_2765.JPG

    Draper Bench

    South Salt Lake County, Beautiful Valley Views, Trails, Draper Temple View, Grasses, Bench

  • _MG_6902.JPG

    Exchange Place

    Downtown Salt Lake City, Great Architecture,  Urban Feel, Alley Ways, Graffiti

  • IMG_0324.JPG

    Great Salt Lake

    Tooele County, Fun Architecture, Great Sunsets, Reflections, Beach, Lake

  • IMG_5859.jpg

    Garden Park

    Sugarhouse, Cool Architecture,  Mature Trees, Pond, Stream, Bridge

  • Hospital

    Fresh From Heaven!

  • Home

    A great place to capture your little ones!

  • Industrial/Urban

    Downtown Salt Lake, Garage Doors, Abandoned Rails, Graffiti, Old Warehouses

  • Library Square

    Downtown Salt Lake,Unique Architecture, Inside and Outside Locations, Urban Feel

  • Little Cottonwood

    Salt Lake Canyon, Mountains, Waterfall, Bridges,  Pathways, Aspens, Pines, Huge Rocks

  • Memory Grove

    Downtown Salt Lake, Lovely Park Setting, River, Pond, Stairs, Bridge, Beautiful in Autumn

  • McPolin Farm

    Park City Area, Rural Architecture, Iconic Barn, Bridge, River, Large Fields 

  • Reid (55 of 107).JPG

    Millcreek Canyon

    Salt Lake Canyon, Large Fields, Trails, Aspens, Pines, Fences, Dogs Allowed, Beautiful in Autumn

  • Murray Park

    Murray, Park Setting, Murray, River, Flowers, Gazebo, Bridges, Playground

  • Natural Light Studios

    Several great indoor locations!

  • _MG_8960.JPG

     Peace Gardens

    West Salt Lake, Beautiful Gardens, Flowers, Unique Architecture, River, Dock, International Sites

  • Poppy Fields

    Both in Alpine and Mantua Utah, bloom for 2 weeks in June

  • Private Land #1

    Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wildflowers, Mountains, Pathways, Aspens

  • Private Land #2

    Midway Utah, Large Working Farm, Rural Feel, Farm Equipment, Mountain and Lake Views

  • Salt Lake Main Street

    Downtown Salt Lake City, Unique Architecture, Urban Feel

  • Silver Lake

    Big Cottonwood Canyon, Large Lake, Mountains, Wildflowers, All Seasons, Bridges, Pathways

  • Sugarhouse Park

    Salt Lake City Bench, Mountain Views, River, Pond, Playgrounds, Mature Trees, Fall Leaves

  • Temple Square

    Downtown Salt Lake, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Architecture, Ponds, Water Features

  • Temple Quarry

    Little Cottonwood Canyon, Mountain Views, River in Spring, Dry Summer and Fall, Pathways, Huge Rocks

  • Tibble Fork

    Utah County, Mountain Views, Lakes, Rivers, Stunning Autumn Leaves

  • Tunnel Springs

    Bountiful, Great Salt Lake Views, Large Fields, Pole Fences, Mountain Views, Pampas Grass, Beautiful Sunsets

  • Trolley Square

    Downtown Salt Lake City, Indoor and Outdoor Location, Historic Urban Feel

  • Wheeler Farm

    Murray, Large Working Farm, Mature Trees, Ponds, River, Farm Equipment, Animals, Mountain Views

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